Adam & Gulliver has a very successful track record. With over twenty years of experience, we have a wealth of knowledge and an extensive, diverse communication network.

In recent years we have worked ourselves into a niche. Simply because we had devised a concept for one of our clients that turned out to be so successful that we continued with it..

It is an on-line portal for companies that, with their departments, regional, national or international branches, want to achieve the same objectives and learn from each other along the way.



Your Value

Those are your values that you want to assign to 'Your Value Accelerator' because your values are important to your organization. This can be in numbers and/or in letters.


Is it about sales figures or to monitor existing activities, or to make your organization 'future-ready', or to restructure the business operations, or....... Everything is aimed at making the progress of 'Your Values' clear and communicate clearly to the participants.


Your Value Indicator (YVI)

This is the first step to gain insight into your objectives and results within the organization and to communicate them clearly on the YVI portal.


Together we create a clear and transparant portal where participants can see exactly how their own results stand in relation to the goals set.


But also how the performance compares to the other participants. In the benchmark environment, only indicators are used for communication to fellow participants and no sensitive company information.


Your Value Accelerator (YVA)

YVA has various components that make the portal not only an informative, but also an inspiring environment that is unparalleled.


Participants share knowledge, successes, pitfalls, strategies, evaluations, etc. through Market Examples, Best Practices, documents, videos, vlogs, etc.


If desired, a webinar tool can be added. Everything is possible and is exchanged on your YVA portal.


Because it's all about:

Share - Inspire - Accelerate !



YVA can be used for:

  • European headquarters with its national markets
  • National headquarters with its branches
  • Companies with its departments.



YVI functions through your company's data.

YVA functions by sharing experiences of all participants.


We can share all common types of documents, video and/or audio with each other, to make YVA the inspiration portal it wants to be.

You and We


Just as you know everything about how your industry is developing, we know everything about the YVA online portal. Together we set it up in such a way that your organization has to worry about it as little as possible.


Please note: the relationship we enter into and build with our clients often results in a long-term, pleasant and effective collaboration. You have been warned!


YVA can handle anything!


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